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Outreach and Communications Working Group

Outreach and communications provides a platform from which NUFO can promote news and causes of interest to the user community we represent and organizations with whom we communicate. The charge to the Outreach and Communication Working Group is to address the following issues:

  • Strategy
  • What will we promote?
  • How will we promote it/what media?
  • Who will manage the account(s)?
  • Who will have permission to post?
  • Will we have sufficient content to remain current? How often should we post?
  • Market our new tools
  • Disseminate meaningful information/quality content
  • Create dialog/do not censor?
  • Examine numbers of followers vs genuine interest
  • Facilitate conversations/”stir the pot”

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Outreach and Communications Working Group List Sever: Only members can post to this list. This list server is moderated and all requests by non-members will be rejected. Requests by members should be sent to


Chair – Liz Moxon (Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory)

Massie Ballon DOE Joint Genome Institute
Ashley Barker Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility
Katie Bethea Oak Ridge National Laboratory Neutron Sciences (SNS and HFIR)
Shreyas Cholia Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Shauna Kanel Advanced Light Source
Katherine Kantardjieff California State University San Marcos kkandard@ucusm@edu
Cathy Knotts SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory knotts@SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Tona Kunz Argonne National Laboratory
Girselda Lopez Fermi National Laboratory
Maria Elena Monzani SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory monzani@SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Liz Moxon Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
John Nicksich Environmental Molecular Science Laboratory
Balaji Raghothamachar Stony Brook University
Eric Reinheimer California State University @ San Marcos
Annanaomi Sams Environmental Molecular Science Laboratory
Crystal Schrof Oak Ridge National Laboratory
David Skinner National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center
Peter Steinberg Brookhaven National Laboratory
Joshua Turner Stony Brook University
Vas Vasiliadis University of Chicago
Linda Vu NERSC
Staci West Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory
Susan White-DePace Argonne National Laboratory