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Administrative Affairs Working Group

NUFO's primary mission is to facilitate communication among users, user organizations, facility administrators, and other stakeholders. The Administrative Affairs Working Group, which currently includes all administrative representatives of NUFO facilities, focuses on operational needs. The user administrators from NUFO facilities hold regular teleconferences, conduct benchmarking surveys, and discuss ways in which they can facilitate user access by standardizing and streamlining processes. Examples of prior successes and future endeavors include the following:

  • A NUFO representative worked with the Department of Energy as part of a team to rewrite DOE Order 142.3A (Foreign Visits & Assignments), which defines a program for unclassified foreign national access to DOE sites, information, technologies, and equipment. The experience and expertise of the NUFO user administrators helped to ensure that the revised order supports the importance of national security issues while maintaining the intellectual nature and scientific productivity of user facilities.
  • This Working Group is currently investigating the possibility of using Web-based user agreement execution process developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to streamline this process at other national laboratories. Brookhaven National Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory have agreed to serve as pilot sites.
  • This Working Group will collaborate with the Cyber and Computing Affairs Group to pursue a standardized cyber security training program that can be implemented by all facilities.

Administrative Affairs Working Group List Sever: Only members can post to this list. This list server is moderated and all requests by non-members will be rejected. Requests by members should be sent to


Co-chairs - Kim Hallock (LLNL), Sue Ewing (Jlab)

Steering Committee Liaison - Susan Strasser (ANL)

Susan Bailey Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Ashley Barker Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility
Jill Berryman National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL)
Heather Brown The Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies
Courtney Carpenter Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory
Gretchen Cisco Brookhaven National Laboratory
Sue Ewing Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Ashley Gilbert Environmental Molecular Science Laboratory
Jason Gochanour Los Alamos National Laboratory
Kim Hallock National Ignition Facility
Tanya Herrera LANL
Cindy Kendrick Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Cathy Knotts SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory knotts@SLAC.Stanford.EDU
Terry Law Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL)
Girselda Lopez Fermi National Laboratory
Kathleen Nasta Brookhaven National Laboratory
Rich Poliak SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Annanaomi Sams Environmental Molecular Science Laboratory
Crystal Schrof Oak Ridge National Laboratory
David Skinner National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center
Susan Strasser Argonne National Laboratory
Anke Toth National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Constance Vanni Advanced Photon Source
Grace Webster Brookhaven National Laboratory
Susan White-DePace Argonne National Laboratory