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The National User Facility Organization (NUFO) represents the interests of all users who conduct research at U.S. national scientific user facilities, as well as scientists from U.S. universities, laboratories, and industry who use facilities outside the United States. NUFO facilitates communication among users, user organizations, facility administrators, and other stakeholders. Discussion topics include the benefits and significance of research conducted at user facilities, as well as their operational needs. NUFO seeks to provide a unified message at the national level on issues of resources for science, economic competitiveness, and education for the next-generation scientific workforce. NUFO is organized into two major branches:  User Organization Representatives and User Administrators. User Organizations focus primarily on outreach activities, whereas User Administrators focus on streamlining processes to facilitate access.  Both branches work together closely to fulfill the overall NUFO mission.




This organization was initially founded in 1990 as a means to open avenues of communication between the four Department of Energy synchrotron light sources–the National Synchrotron Light Source, the Advanced Light Source, the Advanced Photon Source, and the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Light Source. It has since expanded to include users of the largest United States national scientific user facilities, as well as users working outside the United States.




A. Membership


User Organization Representatives:
 Each user facility is invited to appoint to NUFO one user representative, who is typically–but not necessarily–the current Chair of the facility user organization or user executive committee.


User Administrators: 
Each user facility is invited to appoint to NUFO one user administrator.


General Members:
Anyone who is currently or has been associated with a national facility may ask to become a General Member of NUFO. General Members receive regular communications, are eligible to be Outreach Contacts, and are invited to attend annual meetings. General Members do not vote on nominees for Steering Committee membership or charter changes.

B. Governance

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee conducts the business of NUFO between annual meetings and consists of nine elected members and up to five appointed members.  Three new Steering Committee members are elected each year for three-year terms:   A vice-chair, a vice-coordinator, and an elected member.  Current or former user representatives and user administrators are eligible for election as vice-chair and vice-coordinator, respectively.


The elected member can be from either constituency.  In the second year of service, the vice-chair and vice-coordinator will become chair and coordinator.  For the third year of service, the designations shall be past-chair and past-coordinator.


Up to five members will be appointed annually by the Steering Committee for renewable one-year terms.  To ensure broad representation, up to three members at large will be appointed.  To assure effective communication, including with any institution that manages NUFO accounts, an experienced user administrator and user representative shall be appointed as Executive Administrator and Executive Liaison, respectively.


C. Elections


In advance of the annual meeting, by electronic ballot, a new vice-chair, vice-coordinator, and one elected member, shall be elected by the user organization representatives and user administrators representing each facility. The terms of the newly elected individuals will begin at the conclusion of the annual meeting.  Nominees for each category shall be solicited from the membership at least two months before the annual meeting.  There shall be no limit to the number of three-year terms that an individual may serve. In the event that any member cannot complete his/her term, the Steering Committee can appoint a new member to fill the vacancy.


D. Meetings


Meetings are held annually, with the meeting location rotating among the member facilities. All members of NUFO, as well as interested parties, are welcome to attend. Meetings are organized by the Steering Committee, in cooperation with the NUFO voting members and others at the hosting institution.


E. Changes/Revisions


Proposed changes shall be brought first to the Steering Committee, which will present them electronically to Voting Members for decision. The passage of revisions requires a simple majority of those who vote.


Revised June 26, 2011


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